i have so many ideas for draws rn but I have to go to bed because I have work early tomorrow…….

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Who allows you to dress this way???

WIP fashion bots

I promise I’ll do some draws tomorrow, sorry about the lack of activity lately

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my art…mostly because I’m working for 6 days in a row and am exhausted when I get home….but I was thinking that if you saw a pic of me or met me in person would my art match up? Would you be able to see me and my art and think yes the same person made this. 

This one goes out to all the cute fat girls in their shorts and tanks looking hella great 

wowzamorphous replied to your post “tbh why do you like my art? ”

I really like the way you draw facial expressions

Ahh thank you! I always feel like I get stuck in drawing the same expressions over and over again so I try to vary them a little bit at least haha! 

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roule-the-world replied to your post “tbh why do you like my art? ”

Well, it’s super cute, and you do alot of really organic poses which are really cool. And who can resist the Hitman AU drawings? I really must write a little fic about that sometime!

I’m so glad to hear that my poses are organic and natural looking cause I sometimes look at them really hard like ‘do people really sit like this or stand like this and if these two people are like this would they really stand that way’ 

I will actually go wild if you wrote a little hitman au fic for real haha I love it when people get inspired by my AUs or at the very least like them! 

uruduck replied to your post “tbh why do you like my art? ”

They’re really. Also the colors, poses and expressions you give them actually make me feel some kind of emotion (in a good way)?? plus I really like cyclops girl

uruduck replied to your post “tbh why do you like my art? ”

they’re really cute*, forgot to write cute lol

Ahhh omg I’m so happy that my drawings can elicit emotion from you that’s like the number one thing that I’ve always set out to do so that’s super great to hear that I’m succeeding. Also I’m so happy that you like cyclops girl cause she’s my fav to draw haha