when/if I make them into prints the size will be 7.5” x 11” just so you know and I’d probably sell them for 15 dollars each. The full set of 4 (if I do end up making 4) will be sold together for 52 dollars. 

would anyone be interested if I made a series of prints available for purchase about sad monster girls? 


the-dads femthomas reminds me of myself a bit. wearing something they drew actually 😘🔥 so alas. slay slay

omg you’re so cute!!

fem punks going through old photos they’ve taken of each other

some cheek kisses

Guy’s like wtf Thomas you’re so cute I just wanna eat you up

I’ll finish up the last of my suggestions when I get more free time. My hand started cramping a bit so I had to stop haha 

Hinata Hyuuga

I used to read Naruto and I never got to see the grown up Hinata but I hope she’s strong and confident 

something with mushrooms