Thomas’ favorite past time is to call out anyone gross who leers at her and Guy which is also how 75% of their fights start. 

how to draw like me in 2 easy steps:

1. draw a person floating somehow

2. they’re crying 

continuing the au where Thomas can regenerate limbs because I have no self control. 

Guy has the power to take pain away and every time Thomas stumbles home missing a body part she wonders when the time will come when she will be in too many pieces to come home. 

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an au where Thomas can regenerate limbs but it still hurts like fuck to lose them. 

was gunna draw but then I took a 3 1/2 hour nap and lost any motivation I had 


Cyclops Girl

  • She eats sweets a lot but she is mainly a carnivore
  • She really loves the beach 
  • Her favorite weather is when it storms 
  • She will cry when she sees cute pictures of baby animals
  • She has a really strong punch

Smoke Girl

  • When she gets really angry she starts sparking and if she’s angry enough she’ll catch flames
  • She is really afraid of water 
  • Her personality completely changes when she catches flames
  • She really wants to own a pet dog but she isn’t financially stable enough yet
  • When she’s sad her body becomes misty and see through

Cloud Girl 

  • depending on her mood she will either rain, snow, hail, or thunder 
  • Her favorite color is gold
  • She feels most comfortable when she’s high above ground
  • She really loves the dinosaur chicken nuggets
  • According to her, her best features are her thighs 

The Girl with Many Arms

  • She loves traveling and seeing new places
  • She’s really confused by who she is and why she was born this way
  • Her extra arms are usually folded up behind her back, making her look like she has a hump
  • She loves hot and dry weather
  • Her hair is untamable and she’ll usually let it flow free or she’ll put it up in a bun. 

Cloud girl can make herself lighter or heavier at will so she can float a little and she can withstand high winds.


I’ll do these about cyclops girl :)

  • She likes to listen more than speak
  • She is not a good cook but she is good at baking 
  • She loves shopping for clothes but gets upset because nothing fits the length of her arms 
  • She has 2 goldfish at home and their names are Leo and Matilda 
  • Her favorite food is a Cream Horn